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Published: 05th March 2010
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*** Oprah Winfrey and ABC's Investigation team and 20/20 also
Proved it can be done ***
***Proven by various, highly-respected U.S. TV and radio programs as being
100% Legal, Feasible, and True
This is real people helping each other! What better way to attract the life-style you want?
I came across an article similar to this one, saying "You can make thousands of dollars within weeks with an initial investment of only $6.00."
The truth is you can expect to spend the following:
*$6.00 paid to the names on page 4. (Six, names $1.00 each).
* $45.00 for 200 peel-and stick addressed mailing labels. Or as I am doing, I am using the internet and sending e-mail to 200 people, so I don't need envelopes.
*$11.00 for envelopes (using e-mail, one don't need envelopes).
* $50.00 for 200 sets of copies of this letter. If you use the Internet you save the $50.00.
* $88 for postage. (Internet: no postage).
Therefore if you use the US Mail the extra cost is approximately $200
If you use the Internet your cost is $6.00 plus your time.
If after you read all of the pages, and you don't think this is worth $200 or $6.00 and your time (which ever way you choose), for such a small investment for a very large return, then you must be very happy with your present life-style.
HERE'S HOW......
I have received the following information, and if you would please take the time to read it, I think that it would be very beneficial to you.
Dear Friend,
Greetings! I am a retired attorney approximately two years ago, a man came to me with a letter similar to this one. He asked me to verify that the letter was in fact legal. I told him I would review it and get back to him. A week and a half later, after I first read the letter, we meet in my office to discuss the issue. I told him that the letter he originally brought me was not in fact 100% legal and advised him to make a small change to make it so.
I was still curious about the letter so he proceeded to explain to me how the letter works. I thought it was a long shot, and decided against participating. However, before my client left, I asked him to keep me updated with the results. About two months later, he called to tell me that he had received over $800,000 in cash! I did not believe him. He suggested that I try it for myself. I thought about it for a couple days and decided that I didn't have anything to loose, so I asked him for a copy of the letter. I followed the instructions exactly, mailed out 200 copies and sure enough, the money started arriving! It came slowly at first, but after about three weeks, I was getting more and more mail than I could open in a day. After about three months, the money stopped coming in. I kept a precise record of my earnings, and at the end of it, I had a total of about $968,493.00.
I was earning a good living as an attorney. However, as everyone in the legal profession will tell you, there is a lot of stress that comes with the job. I told myself that if everything works out, that I would retire form my practice and play golf. I decided to try the letter again, but this time I sent out 500 letters. Well three months later, I totaled $2,344,178.00!!! I just couldn't believe it. I met my old friend for lunch to find out how it worked. He told me that there are quiet a number of similar letters like this going around. What makes this one different is that there are six names on my list - not five like many others. That fact alone resulted on many more returns. The other fact is that this is 100% legitimate. No one wants to risk participating in something illegal.
I'll assume by now you are curious to know what little change I told my client to make. Well, if you send a letter like this one out, to be legal, you must actually be selling something. If you expect to receive a dollar, I told him, then anyone sending a dollar to him must expect to receive something in return. So, when you send a dollar to each of the people on the list, you must include a slip of paper with the words "Please add me to your mailing list."
Be honest and this will work for everyone. Thank you!
You can also use the internet if you have at least 200 e-mail addresses.
Dear Friend,
My name is Dick Holiman. In October 2003, my car was stolen and my apartment broken into. Bill collectors were hounding me like you wouldn't believe. I was laid off, and my unemployment insurance ran out. In the following days, I received a letter telling me how I could make $800,000.00 any time I wanted to! I gave it a try. In January 2004, my family and I went on a ten day cruise! In February, I bought a new Cadillac with cash! Today I am building a second home in northern Virginia and I will never have to work again.
This program works perfectly! I have never failed to make $800,000.00 on each mailing. This is a great business opportunity and perfectly legal money-making program. It doesn't require you to sell anything or come in contact with anyone. Best of all, the only time you leave your home is to mail the letters and that's easy.
I'm sure you could use $800,000.00 in the next 20 to 90 days. Please study this letter carefully! Remember try the internet with the same concept, and the US mail.
This is a perfectly legal money-making opportunity. Please be sure to follow the instruction exactly as they are written.
Immediately send $1.00 to each name on the list and make sure to request that your name be added to the mailing list. This is the step that makes the program legal. Remove the name in number 1 position and move the other names up one place (#2 becomes #1 #3 becomes #2 etc.). Put your name in the sixth position. An easy way to do this is to retype on a separate piece of paper all six names, with your name as the sixth name. Then just tape the list over the area where the names are shown, and you are ready to photocopy. (Or just change this section on the top of page 4 in this e-mail and you are ready to send it on). After completing the above instructions, photocopy or print 200 copies of the 5 page letter. Purchase a mailing list of names from DATA LINE. Data Line is a member of the Better Business Bureau and they only provide names of opportunity seekers like you. They sell a list of 200 names for$45.00. They also ship next day and C.O.D. The best part is, the names come on self-adhesive labels that you just peel and stick right on the envelope. Just call 1-800-497-2912 and they will have them delivered to you within 5 days. This company accepts VISA, MASTERCARD, DEBIT, CHECK and C.O.D. to make it more convenient for you to get started. You can also visit DATA LINE , at Once the list arrives, place the address labels immediately on each envelope and drop them in the mail box, or take to the post office. Within 20 to 90 days, you should receive over $800,000.00 in cash! Now here is the interesting part... The first time I participated in this program, I kept an accurate account of all my letters and my response rate was 9.5%. The second time it was 11%. This system was made with the purpose of quickly and easily accumulating capital. Honestly, when you send out 200 copies of the letter, and each responsive individual sends out their 200 copies, your fortune multiplies rapidly. Very few people need to respond to this for it to work. Remember, this is legal (Refer to Title 18 Section 1302 &1342 of the U.S. Postal and Lottery Laws, Found on the internet. Please SEND $1.00 TO EACH OF THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE:
1)Ellsworth R. Fair 100 Cedar Drive Kittanning, PA 16201 2)Peggy P. Gordon 488 Ramah Church Rd. York, SC 29745 3)Wayne L. Howard 720 Rose Ave. E. St. Paul MN 55106 4)Chester F. Gaines 2205 Spanish Town Ave. N. Las Vegas 89031 5)Kris Stone 17 Wing Rd. Acushnet, Ma. 02743 6] Robert Dickerson P.O. Box 849 Hilliard, FL. 32046
At a Conservative rate of response assume for example you get 7.5% return rate. (My first attempt was about 9.5% and my second was 11%.)
When you send 200 copies of the letter, 15 people will send you $1.00 $15.00
These 15 people send out 200 copies of the letter, 225 send you $1.00 $225.00
These 225 people send out 200 copies of the letter, 3,375 people send $1.00 $3,375.00
These 3,375 people send out 200 copies of the letter 50,625 people send you $1.00 $50,625.00
These 50,625 people send out 200 copies of the letter 759,375 people send $1.00 $759,375.00
At this point, your name is dropped from the list but you have received 759.375.00
It works every time. On the above example, you start with 200 at 7.5% volume rate.
The math is correct. You check it for yourself with the rate or response. You got to try it!
Here are a few tips I have learned (Merely suggestions, if you use the mail other than the internet).
After you receive your mailing list, mail the letter as soon as possible while the list is still fresh. Your chances of getting letters opened are much greater if you hand write your return address on each of the envelopes. When you handle a lot of letters an electric opener is great! File your responses alphabetically everyday to keep track of your earnings Stay cool. Keep your job until you have time to plan your next step. Sow 10% of your new income to charitable contributions ("You reap what you sow") Put 20% into savings, 10% for your next project or mailing list. Set aside 20% or play with 10% for bills, 30% for taxes, NOT ENOUGH? MAIL! MAIL! MAIL! NOTE: when you send out these letters, you are in the mail order business. People are sending you $1.00 to be put on your mailing list. This is a legal, helpful service. (See Title 18, Section 1302 and 1`343 of the U.S. Postal and Lottery Laws). If you tried this system before and it failed, it was probably because you mailed them to friends... NO KIDDING! This time get the mailing labels and share with your friends after you have proved that it works.
I am naturally skeptical and I have received at least35 letters similar to this one in a six month period. There was, however, something about this one that I liked. It takes less investment than some others do and all the participants receive money-not just the top one. Anyway, I sent out 250 letters and hoped for the best.. Nothing happened for about 11 days, but on the 12th day, I received $95.00. Over the next four ½ months, I received over $800,000.00 in cash in the mail. I am doing it now with 1,000 letters.
Jay Masterson
"I wanted to try a similar program in which it cost $5.00 for 5 names and much more in expenses, but at the time, I didn't have the money to invest. First time I sent this letter, I got my expenses back the first week! After a short time, I got will over $800,000.00 and now I am trying it again! Good lick to all of you it really works!
Sandra Frisch
When I got this letter I said, Yeah, sure." and pitched it. Then later I remembered hearing that skepticism breeds failure while belief leads to success. So I rescued the letter, ordered a fresh mailing list, and sent them out. Thank heaven I did! In a few months I paid off all my debts, cut up my credit cards, now I can pay for everything in cash and it feels great! I love buying what I need without paying interest."
Roland Siegerot
We will invest in lotteries, enter sweepstakes, clip coupons, etc. We need to invest in one another. Maybe you are not in need of money, then, do it for someone else - for a neighbor, a college student, endowment fund, etc.
With the economy the way it is now, why gamble and trust that you will have job security and retirement there for you? Start your way to financial freedom by helping each other! THIS WORKS FAST!!

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